Knowledge base

First Steps and FAQ (5)

Calenso is very easy to set up. We have put together everything you need to know at the beginning of the following articles. Find out more about registration, the dashboard and browse through the most frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ).

General Settings (9)

Calenso is very clear and easy to use. In the general settings, you can make all the relevant settings for Calenso and your online appointments. Visit the different sections for more details about these settings as well as tips and tricks.

Integration (5)

Integration is one of Calenso's key points. Whether social media, Google, your website or even without a website - be bookable wherever you want! You will find instructions on the individual points in the relevant sections.

Appointments, group appointments and customers (4)

In addition to individual appointments, Calenso can also record group appointments and offers full customer management. Take a look at the individual sections to find out more and get cool tips and tricks.

System information (2)

Calenso is in development. Here you can find everything about the latest releases. However, it may happen that Calenso is temporarily interrupted. Although this should only happen rarely and for a short period of time, you will find all the information about maintenance work and error messages here.