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You can create your employees in two different ways. Basically the same system. 

Either you call up the setup assistant

or you can open your profile settings and switch to the "Resources/Employees" view.

In the following, we will show you the instructions from the profile view. The instructions from the step-by-step introduction can be found here. Click on the "+" at the top of the page.

The following window will open:

If you want to create an employee, leave the first slider at "employee". You can enter your employees in several languages. Activate the first controller for this. Now you can translate the employee for all activated languages (e.g. function or description).

Now fill in all personal data of your employee. The function of your employee is shown to the customer when booking. 

The booking name can then be edited in the user profile. This link serves the purpose that a customer can make an appointment directly with the respective employee and thus the second step in the booking widget is skipped and only services that the employee can perform are displayed.

Add a separate direct telephone number for each employee, which can also be displayed in the appointment confirmation, reminder or link. If you want to include the phone number in notification emails or SMS, add the placeholder "RESOURCE_MOBILE" in the appropriate template.

Now determine the store in which your employee works. You can only specify one store per employee. You can find out more about stores here.

If your employee has its own conference link, add it here. More about the conference URL can be found here.

Set a password for your employee. Together with the e-mail address entered above, this will be the login for your employee. 

In the services section, you must select all the services that your employee can perform. He or she will only be bookable for these services. 

The "role" defines the authorization to modify data in Calenso. As an "employee", the employee only can edit his own availabilities and profile data. As an administrator, data can be edited for all employees and resources.

Additionally, select the booking type.

If you only want to register your employee internally, but do not want to make him or her publicly available for online appointments, then deactivate the field at "Online bookable? The same applies to the online calendar. If you do not want this employee to appear in Calenso's online calendar, uncheck this box. Green means active or bookable.

Click on "Save" to complete the registration.

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