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Go to your group appointments in the navigation under " Appointments" -> "Events". Then click on the title of your group appointment or click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click on "Edit". Here you also have the possibility to duplicate ("clone") the group appointment, to insert the link into your website ("embed"), to share the booking link ("share link"), to delete the group appointment or to directly access the details of your group appointment (settings, capacity, time slot, booking questions). Clicking on the details will take you back to the step-by-step settings for creating a group appointment.

Header area and settings

Under number 1 you can edit your event information. This information will also be displayed to your customers when they book. In the general settings on the right-hand side, you can check all information and change it if necessary. In the section "General" (no. 2) you can make your event last several days, switch it to secret, mark it with only one time window, allow or disable guests, activate and deactivate waiting lists or delete and add booking questions.

In the "Notifications" area (no. 3) you can adjust your settings regarding a calendar entry and the notification of customers.

In the area "Cancellation" (no. 4) you can activate and deactivate the cancellation or adjust the cancellation text and define the cancellation time. 

Do not forget to click on "Save" if you have made any changes.

Under the "Actions" drop-down menu (no. 5) you will find some practical functions:

Among other things, you can download the participant lists as Excel or PDF here.


All time windows that have been added are displayed here. Add a new time window under "+" (no. 1). For each time window, you can redefine how much time the group appointment takes. All other settings are the same as when creating a new group appointment.

At number 2 you can manage one of your participants (add and delete), download participant lists and delete time slots.

At number 3, you can load further time windows which it does not show you for reasons of clarity.


Below the time windows, you can see the statistics for this group appointment. If you have a group appointment over several years, you can filter by year next to the title. It clearly shows you your participants, income, bookings and cancellations.

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