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You can set up your booking widget according to your wishes. On the one hand, it is about general queries, on the other hand, it is also about the appearance. Go to "Booking widget" > "Booking widget settings" in your settings. In the first part, you can change your logo on the booking page. This is only possible with a Whitelabel subscription.

In the second part, you can set up all settings around the widget.

The following categories can be found in the booking widget settings: (Click on them to go to the specific explanations)



  1. Booking interval: Select the interval between 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. Calenso calculates in the background when your next appointments are free.
    For example, appointments are always displayed every 15 minutes, i.e. start at 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, etc. Every 30 minutes, it would be 12:15, 12:45, etc.
  2. Supported widget languages: The widget is multilingual. If you want to offer your booking in single languages only, then deactivate the display of single languages in this field. By default, all languages are displayed.
  3. Allowed days in future: With Calenso it is possible to book appointments for a very wide horizon. If you want to make a restriction of, for example, one year, then enter the restriction in days.
  4. Appointment and group appointment lead time: Here you determine how short in advance your customers can make an appointment online. All appointments (and group appointments) which are no longer in this time interval are no longer displayed.
  5. Standard settings for cancellations until: Your customers can cancel an appointment up to this number of hours. Example: An appointment takes place on Tuesday at 16:00. If the default setting is set to 24h, the customer can log out or cancel the appointment until 15:59 on Monday. For group appointments, the cancellation times can also be defined individually.
  6. Hours before an appointment for rebooking: You can define yourself if you want to allow a cancellation or rebooking. Enter here until when before an appointment your customers can rebook the appointment. 
  7. Create appointments if bookings are available: If this function is activated, the
    Group Appointment Booking only creates an entry for the appointment if bookings have been made for the period. However, the period is kept free in the background and individual appointments cannot be booked in this slot.
  8. Button "Back to booking page": If your customer receives an individual booking link and should not see the full overview of your offer, then deactivate this button. With "Back" the customer can always access your entire offer and make changes.
  9. Disable automatic appointment search: When the toggle is on the left (grey), the automatic schedule search is enabled. So when your customer comes to the step with the appointment selection, the system automatically calculates all available appointments for the set permissible days for the booking (point 3). If this number is set to one year, for example, it may take several minutes for the calculation. If you do not want this to happen, deactivate this function (set toggle to the right, green). The customer will automatically come to the current month and the search will start automatically for this month. If there are no free dates in this month, the customer will be informed accordingly. Then he can go one month further and the search starts again automatically.

  10. & 12. Activate the appointment booking widget/event booking widget: If you do not offer any single appointments or events, it is obvious that you deactivate the corresponding one. Otherwise, your customers can switch to the other view and find an empty page. If you want to temporarily deactivate a widget, this is no problem. Enable or disable it in these settings.
  11. Booking assistant: Activate the booking assistant here. This allows you to enter appointments in your online calendar with direct access to your customer database. No need to enter personal details and your customer will be automatically notified after the booking.

Stores & Services

  1. Show stores as a searchable selection field: If you have a lot of stores, it makes a lot of sense to activate this function. Your stores will no longer be displayed as tiles, but you can select a branch using the drop-down menu.
  2. Postcode search: As shown in the picture above, you can also search by postcode. For example, if the customer enters the postcode of the nearest branch location, the branch will be found by entering it. Attention! The postcode search only works if a corresponding branch mapping is stored. Please contact the support.
  3. Skip resources step: If only one resource is stored at a site, activating this setting allows you to skip the second step for resource selection.
  4. Service categories Accordion: There are several possibilities here: First service category is expanded, All service categories are collapsed or expanded. Below you can see the example for all unfolded categories.
  5. Combination of multiple appointment-services: In contrast to the shopping cart function, the idea is to allow your customers to book several services at once. For example, at a spa, they can book a massage and foot care together on the same date. Attention! If pre- and post-processing times have been activated, this function is automatically deactivated.
  6. Multiple Bookings per request: If your customers are allowed to book several appointments with one booking, then activate this field. If the field is deactivated, your customers can only make one appointment per booking.
  7. Filter/Search for services: When this toggle is activated, customers can search for a service. Afterwards, all services that match the input are displayed and can be selected.

Notifications & Resources

  1. Hide messages: Your customer will be notified that you are accepting several bookings at the same time. You can also hide this message.
  2. No matter who: Normally your customer first chooses a service and then comes to the employee selection. If only one employee has the ability to perform this service, this step is skipped. If more than one employee has the ability to provide this service, they will appear as a selection for the customer. Now you can integrate the button "No matter who" into the widget. If the customer selects the " No matter who" field, Calenso will, in the third step, calculate all the available dates on all the "able" employees. The customer will then be able to select the appointment according to the time he/she wishes to be available, in case he/she does not care from whom he/she receives the service.
  3. Skip resource selection: When activating this function, customers can no longer independently select a resource. The date selection always shows the resource names at the selected time.

Personal data

  1. Request customer address/phone number of the customer: If you want to request the address or phone number of every customer who books an appointment, then you can activate the field here. It will automatically be shown as a mandatory field for a booking. All data is automatically stored in the customer profile
  2. Show message field: Your customers can use this message field to send you a message when booking.
  3. Define notification type by customers: If this function is activated, the customer can choose in the last step whether he wants to be notified by email or SMS.

Calenso booking page

  1. Login area: Your customers can create a login to view their own appointments on Calenso. They will not be able to access your company but their customer view. When you show them the login area on your booking page, they can log in directly and make an appointment with all the necessary information you need.
  2. Show map and contact details / phone number / business email address / website: Your data will be displayed in the microsite on the right side. Choose yourself which information you want to publish.

  1. Services / Resource / Hide address and map on client's page: Define yourself which information you want to provide on the customer appointment page and which you want to hide. Have a look at the Customer Appointments page here.
  2. Activate cancellations: If you deactivate this function, customers cannot cancel appointments.
  3. Deactivate appointment rescheduling function: Customers receive additional links with the appointment confirmation to cancel the appointment or have the possibility to rebook the appointment. If you want to deactivate the rebooking function, activate this slider.
  4. Deactivate the reason for rebooking: If you want to get a reason for the rebooking, the toggle must be on the left. If you want to deactivate the request for a reason, then activate this toggle (right, green).
  5. Reason for rebooking optional: If you have activated the reason for rebooking, you can also make it optional. This field does not have to be filled in to rebook an appointment.
  6. Rebooking with another resource: In the standard settings, only a new date and time can be selected when rebooking. If you want to allow your customers to rebook at another resource, activate this setting. (See example point 4).
  7. Delete customer data and appointments automatically: For data protection reasons it is sometimes necessary to delete customer data after a certain period of time. It can also serve as an overview to delete customer data and appointments after a certain time. If this function has been activated, point 8 appears. Attention! The deletion of data at Calenso is subject to the DSGVO. Once data has been deleted, it cannot be restored.

  8. Offer option Deletion of customer data in case of cancellation: Calenso offers your customers the option of deleting their data in the event of cancellation of the appointment. If you have deactivated this function, this option will not be available. Attention! At Calenso, the deletion of data is subject to the DSGVO. Once data has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

  9. Number of days after the date for deletion of data: Specify here how many days after an appointment has taken place the customer data should be deleted.

Widget Design

Find out everything about widget design here!

 Changes are automatically saved (widget design is excluded)!

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