Customize Booking Widget Labels

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In this article we would like to show all the textual customizations you can make in the booking widget. Via the templates and occasionally also via the general settings, you can personalize the booking widget.

Every single booking step is shown and explained where you can adjust the corresponding setting.

  1. Logo: Settings -> Company profile. Please use a logo with the dimensions of 500x500px for this purpose.
  2. Company name + description:
    1. Company name: Settings -> Company profile -> Name
    2. Description: Settings -> Company profile -> Company description

  3. Services: Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Selection (Navigation)

  4. Resources: Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Resources (Navigation)

  5. Date: Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Date (navigation)

  6. Summary: Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Closing (navigation)

  7. Title "Select store": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Branch title (Select branch)

  8. Store selection: Settings -> Stores

  9. Title "Select service": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Title of the selection screen (Select service)

  10. Title "Standard": This is the category title of the services and can be customized under Settings -> Services

  11. Button "Next": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Next button

    The resource selection step is not always displayed. There can be two reasons for this:

    1. There is only one resource for a service.
    2. The resource selection step has been deactivated. You can enable this under Settings -> Booking Widget Settings -> Skip resource selection automatically.

  12. Title "Resource": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Resource (Navigation)

  13. Resource "Anybody":

    1. Activate: settings -> booking widget settings -> Show "no-matter-who" button?

    2. Customize title "Anybody": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: No matter-who label

    3. Customize title "All functions": Settings -> Templates -> Posting widget: Regardless of who Function description (All departments)

  14. Button "Back": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Back button

  15. Titel "Choose preferred date": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Title of the selection screen (Select desired date)

  16. Grouping of appointment proposals:

    1. Modify: Settings -> Booking Widget Settings -> Grouping of appointment proposals

    2. Titel "Morning": Settings -> Templates -> Booking Widget: Morning

    3. Titel "Noon": Settings -> Templates -> Booking Widget: Noon

    4. Titel  "Afternoon": Settings -> Templates -> Booking Widget: Afternoon

    5. Titel "Evening": Settings -> Templates -> Booking Widget: Evening

    6. Titel "Night": Settings -> Templates -> Booking Widget: Night


  17. Titel "Personal Data": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Personal data (title)

  18. Titel "Tell us something about yourself": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Personal data (subtitle)

  19. Titel "Where should the appointment take place?": Settings -> Templates -> "Where do you want the appointment to be?" Label in widget

  20. Meeting Provider:

    1. Add: Settings -> Meeting provider

    2. Customize name in booking widget: Settings -> Templates ->
      "Placeholder meeting provider" Meeting Provider Title
      (Example: "Phone" meeting provider title).

    3. Customize description in booking widget: Settings -> Templates ->
      "Placeholder Meeting Provider" Meeting Provider Description
      (Example: "Phone" Meeting Provider Description)

  21. Button "Book": Settings -> Templates -> Booking widget: Book button

  22. Title "Summary": Settings -> Templates -> Posting widget: Summary (title)

  23. Title "Check your order and submit it": Settings -> Templates -> Posting widget: Summary (title)

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