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The Business plan can do a lot more than the Basic and Professional plans, e.g. you can make many individual settings and customizations and have a larger number of available resources.

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Advantages at a Glance

Your branding:

  • You use your own logo everywhere.
  • Calenso disappears (almost) completely - only the booking link gives us away.
  • Your colors and design extend from the booking widget to the communication and are completely customizable to your company. Thanks to CSS, there are no limits.

Your communication:

  • Use your own texts.
  • Your own colors.
  • Your logo.
  • Be the sender of every e-mail and text message to your customers.

Personal support:

  • Setup and support are provided in person, virtually, by phone, or in writing (depending on your preference).
  • You receive priority support, so your inquiries are answered more quickly.

Additional meeting providers:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco Webex
  • Go-To Meeting

More resources:

  • 5 (up to 25) users/calendars/resources
  • 5 (up to 10) branches
  • 15 (up to 30) group appointments


  • Have important data on customers and bookings delivered to your connected systems.

Track changes to the system with audit logs:

  • Who made a change?
  • What was changed? (before/after)
  • When was it changed?

You can find more information about the Business subscription here.


In this section, we will show you how to activate the Business subscription.

Go to your subscription in your settings and select "Upgrade".

1. select "Business" as your new subscription and click on "Next".

2. select the desired payment method. Fill in the form for the invoice details and click on "Order with obligation to pay". 

Your Branding

You can customize the design of your booking widget to match your company's CI.

To do this, go to Custom CSS under Settings.

Here you can freely customize the design of your booking widget using CSS coding. It is best to create a copy of the existing design. If you are satisfied with the result of your creativity, you can set your CSS template as the default:

Your Logos

Use your own logo on the appointment landing page. It's that simple:

Go to your company profile in the settings and click on the logo:

Upload your logo via drag & drop or select it from the corresponding folder. Please use a logo with the dimensions of 500x500px

Under SettingsWhitelabel, you can store additional logos for the booking page and your email communication.


In the Business subscription, the Calenso branding is removed so that your customers' attention is focused solely on your company.


Be inspired by some individual designs of the booking widget:


Be inspired by some individual designs of the booking widget:


Your Communication

You would like to appear as sender of your confirmation mails? No problem.

Under Settings Whitelabel you can set that:

E-mail sender address

SMS Sender

You can specify your sender name not only for your e-mails, but also for your text messages.

To do this, simply go to Notifications under Settings, scroll to the bottom and enter the desired name in the SMS sender name field.

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