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Since Calenso v4.18.0 (Sendinblue 4.31.0) you can connect your existing and Brevo account with Calenso to activate SMS notifications.

Previously, SMS could be sent without a separate account, which led to administrative overhead as SMS had to be billed afterwards. With the new practice, the sent SMS will be charged to your credit card without any extra charge and with the reporting tools of SMSAPI and Brevo you have an overview of all sent messages at any time.

Create SMSAPI account

Create your own SMSAPI account with the following link: 

If possible use the referral code from Calenso -> "MZDY".

Connect credit card with SMSAPI

Connect your credit card with SMSAPI at 

We recommend to activate the automatic recharge as soon as the credits fall below a certain limit. This way you can avoid that customers stop receiving SMS because you have no money left on your account.

Enter sender name correctly

Enter "CALENSO" as sender name at and let SMSAPI activate it. If you have a whitelabel subscription with Calenso, you can submit your desired sender name here for consideration.

Please note: If you do not enter "CALENSO" as sender name in the flatrate subscription, the SMS dispatch will be aborted with an error. You will be informed by mail as follows:

If SMSAPI asks for a reason for the sender name, you can answer the following:

"Calenso is an online appointment scheduling tool which is used by us. We need to add "CALENSO" as sendername, because the sent sms are branded with their brandname since we are not using any whitelabel subscription. I hearby confirm that I have the permission from Calenso to use this as sendername."

Contact SMSAPI support and request that SMS may contain links. You can send the following text:

    "Hi, can you please make sure that our SMS can contain links?".

Once this is done, you can proceed to the next step.

Connect SMSAPI with Calenso

Attention: Do not connect SMSAPI to Calenso until the sender name from above is "ACTIVE". Otherwise the sending will fail.

Generate a new OAuth API token at and name it "Calenso":

Make sure that the API token gets permissions for all displayed components. After that you will receive an API token, which will be shown to you only once. Therefore save it securely, it cannot be viewed a second time.

Now go to Calenso and paste the generated API token at

Once this is added, the UI will look like this:

Now you can change the notification type to "SMS" in Calenso:

If you have added an incorrect or expired API token, you will be notified about it by mail with the following message:

View sent SMS and reports

At you can see the sent SMS and even view the content. If you want more detailed reports, you can export the SMS at

Create Brevo Account

Create your own Sendinblue account at

Connect Brevo with Calenso

Once the account is created, you can click on the name of your company in the top right corner and then on "SMTP & API". 

Now you can create a new API key. This key is needed to connect Sendinblue with Calenso. 

Enter the name of the key and the key will be created. 

You can copy it directly from the mask or view it again in the overview. 

Now go to Calenso and add the generated API key at

Once this is added, the UI will look like this:

Now you can change the notification type to "SMS" in Calenso:

Purchase SMS Credit

Click on "Buy more credit" on the left side of SMS credit.

Now you can buy the desired amount of SMS. 

As soon as the purchase is completed, you can send SMS notifications via Calenso!

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