Conversion Tracking with Adobe Launch (Adobe Experience Manager)

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The Calenso booking widget for individual and group appointments supports the conversion tracking functionality of Adobe Analytics of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). With Adobe Launch conversion tracking, you can track what happens after a customer has interacted with your ads. For example, you can see whether a customer has booked an appointment via the Calenso booking widget. In this article, we explain how conversion tracking works with Adobe Launch and the Calenso booking widget.

Required subscription





The conversion tracking function is available to all Enterprise customers.


This setting requires a URL (with Adobe Launch Code included) in the following format:

This will be stored for you by Calenso Support. Please write to

Description of the feature

Instructions for Adobe Launch

For more information on setting up Adobe Launch, see the following resources:

Tracking in the booking widget

The Calenso booking widget supports various Adobe Launch Events, which are triggered during the customer's navigation through the widget. These events help you to analyze and optimize the booking process. Here are the supported events:

  • appointment_booking_start (First user interaction)
  • appointment_booking_step_profiles (Step: Booking profiles)
  • appointment_booking_step_stores_and_services (Step: Selection of store and service)
  • appointment_booking_step_resources (Step: Selection of the employee/resource)
  • appointment_booking_step_available_appointments (Step: Selection of available free dates)
  • appointment_booking_step_summary (Step: Summary/booking form)
  • appointment_booking (Finalizing the booking)
  • appointment_booking_step_success (Step: Booking successful)
  • appointment_booking_step_failed (Step: Booking error)

The data that is transferred during the booking steps is an array of bookings. The data already available is transferred for each step. Example:

event: 'appointment_booking_step_success', 
appointments: [
    // ID of the booked employee or resource
    'worker_id': 1,
    // ID of the booked service
    'appointment_service_id':  1,
    // Name of the resource or employee
    'resource_name': 'Calenso',
    // E-mail address of the resource or employee
    'worker_email': '',
    // Name of the booked service(s)
    'appointment_service_name': 'Meeting 20m',
    // ID of the store
    'store_id': 1,
    // Name of the store
    'store_name': 'Headquarter in Rothenburg LU'
    // ID of the booked employee or resource
    'worker_id': 2,
    // ID of the booked service
    'appointment_service_id':  2,
    // Name of the resource or employee
    'resource_name': 'Calenso Support',
    // E-mail address of the resource or employee
    'worker_email': '',
    // Name of the booked service(s)
    'appointment_service_name': 'Meeting 30m',
    // ID of the store
    'store_id': 2,
    // Name of the store
    'store_name': 'Office in Sempach-Station'

Tracking in the smart widget

The tracking of appointment bookings is also supported by various events in the Smart Widget. These events are triggered at the respective steps of the booking process:

  • appointment_booking_start (Erste Benutzerinteraktion)
  • appointment_booking_step_questions_start (Step: Booking questions before the booking process)
  • appointment_booking_step_questions_end (Step: Booking questions before the booking process)
  • appointment_booking_step_meetings_start (Step: Selecting a meeting provider)
  • appointment_booking_step_meetings_end (Step: Selecting a meeting provider)
  • appointment_booking_step_stores_start (Step: Store selection)
  • appointment_booking_step_stores_end (Step: Store selection)
  • appointment_booking_step_services_start (Step: Selection of services)
  • appointment_booking_step_services_end (Step: Selection of services)
  • appointment_booking_step_resources_start (Step: Selection of employees/resources)
  • appointment_booking_step_resources_end (Step: Selection of employees/resources)
  • appointment_booking_step_available_appointments_start (Step: Appointment booking, free time slots)
  • appointment_booking_step_available_appointments_end (Step: Appointment booking, free time slots)
  • appointment_booking_step_personal_data_start (Step: Booking form, personal data)
  • appointment_booking_step_personal_data_end (Step: Booking form, personal data)
  • appointment_booking_step_summary (Step: Summary)
  • appointment_booking (Appointment booking initialized)
  • appointment_booking_step_success (Booking successful)
  • appointment_booking_step_failed (Booking error)


With the Calenso booking widget, you can perform detailed conversion tracking by integrating Adobe Launch with Adobe Analytics. This allows you to better understand your customers' behavior and optimize the booking process. The required settings and supported events help you to implement and use tracking efficiently.

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