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One of the most time-consuming ways of coordinating appointments is when more than two people are involved.

Calenso is taking its biggest development step to date with the introduction of conferences. This means that this most time-consuming type of appointment scheduling can now be completed in a fraction of the time.


Which subscription is needed?

The Calenso conferences are available from the Business subscription.

You can create 5 conferences and subscribe to up to 5 additional conferences.

If 11 or more conferences are required, you need an Enterprise licence.


An appointment is to be made with more than one person.

The services offered are offered by all persons involved.

Creating a conference

Under the menu item Appointments you will find the sub-item Conferences.

The following entries are required for a conference:


Name your conference, e.g. Job interview. This will appear as the title on the booking page.

View on the Calenso Dashboard

View on the booking page


Briefly describe what your conference will be about.

View on the Calenso Dashboard

View on the booking page


First of all, it must be defined which person is primarily responsible for the conference date.

View on the Calenso Dashboard


Once the main person has been selected, one or more services can be selected from the range offered by this person. Services can only be selected once the main person has been determined.

View on the Calenso Dashboard. Only one service is selected.

If only one service is selected, Calenso skips the selection of the service and goes directly to the date selection. The service is displayed in the summary at the end of the booking process.

If several services are selected, the first booking step of the service selection also appears.

View of the booking page when several services are available for selection. Here with an example of another conference Link.


Once the main person and the services have been selected, other people and resources can now also be selected for the conference appointment. These are only available for selection if they also offer the previously selected services.

You can decide whether the additional persons are required or optional for the conference.

View on the Calenso Dashboard

View on the booking page

In order for all required employees to be selected, they must offer the same services that are also offered for the conference.

Expiry Date (optional)

The booking link for the conference can be provided with an expiration date and time. This means that the person making the booking must have booked the conference by this time. The link to the conference booking page is then no longer accessible. Once a conference link has expired, it can no longer be reactivated. The expired link must be deleted and a new link created.

View on the Calenso Dashboard

Der Konferenz-Link kann jedoch auch als permanent angelegt werden, wenn der Schalter dazu aktiviert wird. Dann wird der Link zur Buchung niemals ablaufen.

Overview of all created conferences

Once the new conference has been created, it appears at the top of the list of all conferences. The first person selected is displayed and how many other people should attend this event.

The conference can be edited again, deleted or the QR code or booking link can be displayed using the three dots on the right-hand side.



Call up the booking page once to check that there are matching availabilities and that these are within the desired time horizon.

How can the conference booking link be shared?


The booking link can be displayed, copied and accessed directly after creation. The QR code, which refers to the URL of the booking page, can also be downloaded.

Click on Show QR Code

A pop-up will open with a QR code to the conference booking page, which can be accessed directly by clicking on the link. Click on the QR code to download it as a PNG file.

The booking link for the conference can also be generated via the booking link generator on the Calenso dashboard. Once you have selected Conference, you can choose from all the conferences that have already been created and are still valid. The corresponding booking link and QR code will then be generated.

Conferences are also available on the dashboard in our booking link generator.

If conferences are selected, you can choose from all previously created conferences in the drop-down menu.

If you have any questions about conferences or other topics, please write to

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