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Since v4.46.0 Calenso has a booking link generator. The goal of the generator is that you can easily configure a booking link, share it with customers or even embed the QR code in the mail signature or website. The booking link generator is available for all subscriptions.

Show or hide booking link generator

If you don't want to see the booking link generator in the dashboard anymore, you can click on the settings icon next to your name and activate "Hide booking links" there.

Generate appointment booking links

Select "Appointments" in the first drop-down field. Then select a bookable employee or resource. If someone is not bookable, then it is stored as inactive. After you have selected the resource, it will be calculated which service this person or resource can perform. Only services that are supported by the resource are displayed. Finally, you can optionally define if you want to send your customer to a specific date. Then you can click on "Copy link". The link will be copied to your clipboard and you can paste it again with CTRL-V.

Date Selection

In the date selection you can choose either a single day or a time span. If a time span is defined, then all other days in the booking widget are deactivated, so that only the time span defined by you is bookable.

Generate event booking links

Click on "Appointments" in the first dropdown menu and change the entry to "Group-appointments". If you want to link to a specific group appointment, you can select a group appointment in the right dropdown menu. Please note that only active group events are displayed. For example, if you don't have any bookable time slots in the group appointment, then the group appointment will be automatically deactivated and will no longer be selectable here.

General link to the group appointment booking page:

Selection of a specific group-appointment:

Generate and download QR-Codes

Each time you make a change to the booking link, a new QR code is generated. The QR code contains the generated link. You can scan the QR code directly with your smartphone (open the camera, scan the QR code and click on the link):

Alternatively, you can click on the QR code, then a download window starts. This way you can save the QR code locally.

Integrate the QR-Code in your website

If you want to embed the QR code into your website, you need to upload the QR code to your website first. Most websites have an upload area for media. Then you can use the following HTML code:

<img src="hhtps://" alt="Book an appointment with me" />

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