What can I earn with Calenso?

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This support article describes what you can earn as a Calenso reseller.

Normal commission (30%)

Example: you have a digital agency and you invite your customers to Calenso.

If the following conditions are met, you will receive 30% of the amount a Calenso customer pays to us: 

  • You have registered as a reseller with Calenso
  • You have referred customers and see them under "referrals" in the reseller dashboard
  • The customer is no longer in the test phase
  • The Customer pays his Calenso subscription via Stripe (credit card) or via bexio (invoice).
  • If payment is made by credit card, Stripe will inform us of the payment. As soon as this is the case and all conditions are met, we will credit you 30% of the amount.
  • In case of payment via invoice, we will wait until the customer's invoice has been paid (and the money has been credited to the Calenso bank account). As soon as this is the case, we will credit you the 30%.

Inherited commission (2%)

Example: Your digital agency (addvanto) invites another agency (PIXELS). PIXELS now also becomes a Calenso Reseller. As soon as PIXELS earns 30% of its customers, you (addvanto) will earn a commission of 2%.


  • You have referred a customer and this customer has become a Calenso Reseller (see requirements for a normal commission from above).
  • If PIXELS receives a commission of 30%, you will receive an additional 2% commission. As Calenso, we will pay 32% commission to you and your referred customer.
  • The inherited commission is only valid for one level. If PIXELS would invite a customer who becomes a reseller, addvanto would earn no additional commission.

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