How to Activate Mass Cancellations in Calenso

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In this article, you will learn how to activate and configure mass cancelations in your Calenso dashboard. This feature allows you to automatically cancel all appointments in a certain time period and notify your customers efficiently. This saves time and ensures that all parties involved are properly informed.

What are Mass Cancellations?

Mass Cancellations is a smart action in Calenso that helps you automatically cancel all appointments during a specified time period. Customers will be notified via email, including the reason for the cancellation which you can define.

How to Activate Mass Cancellations 

  1. Access Smart Actions

    • Log in to your Calenso dashboard.
    • Navigate to "Smart Actions" under the "More" menu.
  2. Activate the Mass Cancellations Smart Action

    • Find the "Mass Cancellations of Appointments" Smart Action and toggle the "Activate" switch.
  3. Configure the Smart Action

    • Click on "Configure" to access the detail page.
    • Set the start and end dates for the period during which appointments will be cancelled.
    • Define the cancellation reason that will be included in the email notification to customers.
  4. Actions Performed

    • Internal Calenso appointments will be removed.
    • External calendar (e.g., Google Calendar) appointments will be deleted.
    • Customers will receive a cancellation confirmation email.
    • Payments will be refunded if any were made.
    • The cancellation webhook will be triggered if webhooks are enabled.

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